Suckling Bottle Set

Item no.: 24210

Product information

  • for puppies and kittens of small, medium-sized and large breeds
  • 3 soft silicone teats in different sizes (sterilisable)
  • with lid and measuring spoon, 10 ml
  • capacity 120 ml


The first supply for puppies and kittens - with the multi-part feeding bottle set

Puppies and kittens cannot always rely on their mothers' milk without interruption, and a regular supply of valuable nutrients is very important during the phase first phase of their lives. With our feeding bottle set, newborn puppies and kittens of medium and large breeds can be offered a milk substitute during hand rearing. The soft and sterilizable silicone teats in different sizes can be adjusted to the respective mouth size. The bottle also has a lid that allows transport without leakage of the liquid. The included measuring spoon can also be used to dose liquids or powders and put them into the opening of the milk bottle for dogs and cats. The feeding bottle has a capacity of 120 ml and should be cleaned regularly. Detailed instructions for use and further product information can be found in the download area.