Protective Car Seat Cover with Side Parts, dividable

Item no.: 13203

Product information

  • for the back seat
  • non-slip underside
  • extra high sides prevent the dog from jumping out and protect the inner door
  • side parts can be folded down for climbing in and out due to two zips; that way, upholstery and inner cladding are protected
  • with fold-away section, space for a person on the back seat
  • belt slits make it possible to buckle the dog up
  • polyester


Put an end to dirt and dog hair on car seats

A protective blanket for the car not only protects against dirt, dog hair and scratches, but also signals to the dog where her place is in the car.

Thanks to its high sides, the chic blanket with non-slip underside offers an ideal place of retreat: the dog remains on the back seat while the car is travelling and does not enter the driver's area of the car. In addition, the zip in the middle allows the blanket to be split so that one person can sit next to the dog on the back seat.

The high side panels not only protect car doors and door panels from scratches, but also make it easier for the four-legged friend to get in and out: she cannot jump out immediately when the car doors are opened. Only the opening of the side parts by means of the zips makes the exit possible for the dog. The side panels are simply folded down and protect the entry area from scuffs and scratches in the paint or on the plastic.

The safety of the four-legged friend is also taken care of: a dog belt for buckling up can be pulled through the slots provided for this purpose.

For cleaning, the car protection blanket can be washed at 30 °C in the washing machine.