Chicken Coop with Enclosure

Item no.: 55961

Product information

  • 2 storeys
  • pine, glazed
  • sturdy close-meshed metal grid, galvanized
  • retreat area with boltable sliding door and removable perch
  • nesting box with two separate nests for laying eggs and removable divider
  • roof of nesting box folds open and can be equipped with a padlock
  • roof halves can be opened separately from the top
  • pull-out plastic base tray
  • with outdoor run area
  • with doors at the front and chicken ladder
  • roof with roofing paper

Safe and cosy: Chicken coop with outdoor enclosure

Our two-storey chicken coop with outdoor enclosure provides a comfortable and safe home for your feathered friends. Made of sturdy pine wood and glazed for added protection from the elements, this coop is the ideal choice for keeping your chickens in a species-appropriate manner. Inside the coop, you'll find a removable perch for your chickens to rest comfortably. The laying box is equipped with a removable partition and two separate nests, which provide the animals with an ideal environment for laying eggs. The hinged roof of the laying box has a device for a padlock, with which you can not only control the opening of the box, but also protect the eggs from theft. The roof halves of the chicken coop can be opened separately from the top, which facilitates access for cleaning and feeding. Last but not least, the pull-out plastic tray allows for easy and hygienic cleaning of the coop.Thanks to the outdoor enclosure with chicken ladder and front doors, your chickens can move around freely and enjoy their natural environment. The roof of the coop is covered with roofing felt, which protects against rain and other inclement weather conditions and provides a comfortable climate inside.