Feed bowl for short-nosed breeds, stainless steel

Item no.: 25200 - 25201

Product information

  • non-slip due to rubber base ring
Dishwasher suitable (please remove rubber parts before placing in dishwasher)

Eating fun for short-nosed dogs

Which food bowl is right for my French Bulldog? Short-nosed breeds often find it difficult to eat from normal bowls. Therefore, it is important to choose a suitable food bowl for pugs, bulldogs and the like. The stainless steel bowl for short-nosed breeds is ideal for this - the slanted shape, flattened on one side, allows the dog with a short nose to reach the food optimally. Both wet and dry food can be fed in the stainless steel bowl. In addition, the bowl is non-slip - the integrated rubber ring prevents the bowl from being pushed around when the dog eats.