Drinking Fountain Vital Falls

Item no.: 24450

Product information

  • enriches the water with oxygen
  • cold water through circulation
  • active carbon filter ensures an improved water quality
  • pump with automatic stop, exchangeable
  • ceramic bowls dishwasher suitable
  • low power consumption
  • USB cable included
  • with USB plug and mains plug
  • ceramic
  • compliant with animal welfare under Section 18 (AT)

Water source for thirsty animals

Drinking fountains and water dispensers are a good support to ensure a sufficient water supply for dogs and cats. A regular fluid intake not only keeps our four-legged friends fit and vital, but can also prevent various diseases (such as kidney and urinary tract infections). A drinking fountain is a good addition to the water bowl: running water encourages our pets to drink and also gives poor drinkers an incentive. The constant movement keeps the water slightly chilled and constantly oxygenated - keeping it tasting fresh longer. Better water quality is also ensured by the filter with activated carbon. The water fountain for dogs and cats is easy to clean, as the hygienic ceramic bowls are dishwasher suitable.

An additional incentive for us humans to set up a drinking fountain - the low-noise pump ensures that the environment is not disturbed by annoying humming. The pleasant splashing of water is also relaxing for us.

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