Worm Test for Dogs

Item no.: 24202

Product information

Testing instead of unnecessary deworming

  • Laboratory test for the most common worm species (roundworms, whipworms, hookworms), coccidia and giardia
  • collect samples on three days, send them to the lab for free and receive the result in the Pezz app

Testing instead of unnecessary worming

With PezzLife's worm tests for dogs, you can effectively detect the most common worm species and diarrhea pathogens.

The test is easy to perform. You collect samples on three consecutive days and send them to a laboratory free of charge. There, the samples are analysed by experienced laboratory staff. Within a short time, you will receive the result via the free app.

By regularly testing your dog for worms, you can ensure that she is only dewormed when she has an actual infestation. This saves your dog unnecessary deworming and supports targeted treatment.

Use the worm tests from PezzLife, collect the samples from the comfort of your home and receive the result directly from the lab. Together we can keep your dog healthy.