House Training

Item no.: 2934 - 29342

Product information

  • for effective training
  • to drip/spray on hygiene pad
  • odour makes it easier for the dog to find the place to relieve himself
  • only complete packing units

How do I housetrain my puppy?

Getting a puppy housetrained can be difficult, as they often can't find the place to relieve themselves (their "toilet") again. With our housetraining drops, you can effectively help your puppy here. To do this, place a few drops of housetraining liquid on the hygiene pad and place it near where your puppy is lying down. Always place your puppy on the pad immediately after eating or drinking. Your puppy will memorize the scent of the housetraining liquid and associate it with the place where she should do her business. This will make it easier for your puppy to find the place where she should relieve herself, and you get her housetrained faster.