Flea and Tick Protection Powder

Item no.: 25391

Product information

  • suitable for dogs and cats from 8 weeks
  • active ingredients: geraniol, lavender, icaridin
  • repellent effect against fleas, ticks, flies and mosquitoes
  • to be applied directly onto the pet
This item is a biocide product registered in Germany, Austria and France. Importers need to check regulations before sales in other countries are affected. Sales in the UK are not possible due to a lack of registration.

Flea and tick protection for dogs and cats

The flea and tick protection powder for dogs and cats can be quickly and easily applied to the coat of the animal.

With the active ingredients geraniol, lavender and icaridin, the flea powder protects your dog or cat specifically and immediately against flea, tick and mosquito infestation.

Already from the age of 8 months, the powder can be applied to your pet. If the environment in your living area is also infested with parasitess, the TRIXIE range also has a number of products on offer for this.