Tick Remover Pen with LED Light

Item no.: 24281

Product information

  • plastic
  • for an easy removal of ticks
  • inhibits the transmission of dangerous pathogens
  • easier location of ticks especially in a dark coat due to integrated lamp
  • handy dimensions and convenient clip

Tick removal made easy

Ticks can be a real nuisance for dogs and cats, especially if the parasites are small or the fur of the infested animal is very dense. Thus, the annoying pests are often overlooked and remain on the pet for a long time and can transmit dangerous pathogens. This is where the tick pen with LED light comes to the rescue. The integrated lamp makes it possible to find even small ticks in the dark and dense fur of the dog or cat. The tick can then be easily gripped with the clamp and removed from the skin with an upward movement. The handy tick pen also has a clip with which it can be attached to clothing or a bag so it is always at hand.