Flip Board Strategy Game

Item no.: 32026

Product information

especially suitable for small dogs

  • board game with 2 cones and indentations with hinged lids and sliders
  • non-slip due to rubber base ring
  • plastic
  • incl. training instructions
  • compliant with animal welfare under Section 18 (AT)

"Flip Board" Strategy fun for small dogs

Dogs are inquisitive animals and want to be challenged mentally. With our dog activity game "Flip Board" especially for small dogs, you can playfully challenge your four-legged friend and strengthen the bond between you. The board game consists of recesses that you can fill with snacks. The lids must then be pushed aside or opened by your dog.

In addition, there are two cones that your pet has to knock over with paw or snout to get to their rewards. The intelligence toy is dishwasher suitable and should be cleaned regularly. By the way: We have even more dog activity games for smaller dogs on offer - including "Mini Solitaire" and "Flip & Fun".

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