Flip Bone Strategy Game

Item no.: 32002

Product information

  • board game with 2 cones and indentations with sliders
  • non-slip due to rubber base ring
  • plastic
  • incl. training instructions
  • compliant with animal welfare under Section 18 (AT)


"Flip Bone" - bone-shaped playing fun

The "Flip Bone" is a bone-shaped strategy game for dogs. The game board contains recesses and sliding lids on both outer sides, and there are two cones in the middle. You can fill the depressions with snacks of your choice or your pet's dry feed, which have to then be retrieved with paws or snout.

To increase the level of difficulty, you can place the cones between the lids and hide a treat here as well. Your dog must now understand that the cones need to be removed first before the lids can be moved. The activity game is dishwasher suitable.

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