Sniffing Book

Item no.: 32048

Product information

  • with different-sized fleece layers
  • can also be used for daily feeding with dry food
  • prevents gulping down food
  • removable plastic tray prevents crumpling
  • polyester
  • incl. training instructions

Sniffing book entices to play

Dogs want to be challenged not only physically, but also mentally. The sniffing book helps you to bring variety into the dog's everyday life and to challenge your pet mentally. Consisting of different sized fleece layers, the strategy toy forms a multi-page book that your four-legged friend wants to discover. The layers of fabric provide an excellent hiding place for treats that you want your dog to get out with paw or snout.

You can also fill the Dog Activity game with your dog's dry food to make daily feeding more exciting. Since the food intake is slowed down while playing, the sniffing book is especially suitable for dogs that gulp down their food. To ensure that the intelligence toy keeps its shape and does not crumple, a plastic plate is integrated inside. The training manual included provides you with helpful tips to make the book exciting for your pet..