Chicken Coop with Enclosure

Item no.: 55960

Product information

  • 2 storeys
  • sturdy close-meshed metal grid, galvanized
  • retreat area with boltable sliding door and removable perch
  • nesting box with two separate nests for laying eggs and removable divider
  • roof of nesting box folds open and can be equipped with a padlock
  • roof opens from above
  • pull-out plastic base tray
  • with outdoor run area
  • with doors at the front and chicken ladder
  • roof with roofing paper
  • pine, glazed

Feel-Good Coop for your Feathered Friends

Looking for a coop where your chickens are protected and feel comfortable? Our chicken coop made of pine wood with two floors offers many functions: The upper area is suitable as a retreat and includes a removable perch and lockable sliding door. In the area below, the animals can move freely, scratch and peck in the ground. The sturdy, close-meshed metal grid protects them from foxes, martens and the like.

Both levels are connected by a chicken ladder. A laying box is installed on the side of the coop, in which there are two separate nests for laying eggs. In addition, there is a partition wall that can be removed if necessary. The roof of the laying box is hinged, so you can easily collect the eggs.