Small Animal Hutch with Insulation

Item no.: 62403 - 62404

Product information

storeys can be used together or separately

  • outer walls, lower tub and roof with styrofoam insulation
  • retreat area and door on each level
  • removable plastic panes protect against draught and precipitation
  • lockable hatch with plastic coating
  • roof with roofing paper
  • roof opens from above
  • pull-out plastic base trays
  • legs protect against damp and cold from the ground and provide good air circulation below the hutch
  • adjustable feet
  • wire grid, powder coated
  • pine, glazed

Our small animal hutches and enclosures are treated with a non-toxic glaze and thus optimally protected against weathering. To maintain this protection, we recommend painting the wood every 1-3 years with a non-toxic wood glaze or paint (water-based, suitable for outdoor use).

You should regularly inspect the hutch for signs of nibbling on the inside and repair the affected areas as necessary, so that your animals will continue to be well protected and safe in the hutch. This way, you and your little darlings will enjoy the small animal home for a long time.