Rodent Home

Item no.: 62483 - 62484

Product information

  • with acrylic pane for watching the pets
  • different levels allow a varied setup
  • lower front panel enables extra high filling with bedding for digging and burrow building
  • front panels hinged for easy cleaning and feeding
  • lid opens from above and can be securely locked
  • metal grid enables hanging of e.g. climbing elements
  • easy assembling
  • wood, untreated/metal/acryl

Rodent home to feel good

Are you looking for a cosy and spacious home for your hamsters or gerbils? Our wooden rodent home offers many possibilities to design it according to your ideas and to offer your animals a species-appropriate home. The built-in levels ensure that you can clearly separate the individual areas and furnish the home in a varied way with bridges, houses and toys. Thanks to the large acrylic window, you always have a clear view of your rodents and can watch them eating, grooming and playing.

The lower fixed front element also makes it possible to fill in extra bedding so that your animals have maximum space for digging and building caves. The upper front element can be opened for easy feeding and cleaning. The lid is equipped with a metal grid so that you can hang in climbing elements, for example, and give your rodents even more room for moving around.

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