Dental-Care Single-use finger pads  

Item no.: 29393

Product information

  • for dogs, cats and other small animals
  • with nurturing cleaning lotion (mint)
  • as an alternative to toothbrush and toothpaste
  • pull over index finger and possibly thumb as well and clean the teeth


Teeth brushing made easy

Whether dog, cat or small animal - clean and healthy teeth are always important.

However, since brushing their teeth can sometimes feel strange for our pets or they are not used to it, our disposable easy-to-use dental care finger pads are recommended. With this handy alternative to a toothbrush, the teeth of your four-legged friend can be cleaned easily and gently.

The finger pads, which are coated with nourishing cleaning lotion (mint flavour), can easily be pulled over index finger and thumb and are ready for use - whether at home or on the go.