Tracking Lead, rubberized

Item no.: 19780 - 19788

Product information

  • webbing tape
  • without loop
  • with loop e.g. for fastening dog tag or flasher

Freedom of movement for the dog and safety for the owner

Tracking leads are mostly used with young dogs as a training tool, but can also be a good alternative to a flexible retractable lead for animals with a strong hunting instinct. The 5 to 15 meter-long lead gives the dog enough freedom of movement when sniffing and rummaging around - but does not leave her to her own devices. If the dog strays from the path or wants to chase an animal, you can always bring her back thanks to the robust dog lead. This gives you security and is a good training if you later want to let your dog run without a lead. A tracking lead is excellent for practising distance commands. The rubberized webbing tape provides extra grip when holding the lead and helps when more force is required to pull back your pet. Here, the robust and durable lead material, which withstands wind and weather, provides additional support. Eye-catching lead colours are clearly visible to everyone and prevent accidental tripping over the tracking lead.