Grasses and Meadow Herbs for Tortoises

Item no.: 76277

Product information

  • compound food as supplementary food
  • for tortoises and other mainly herbivorous reptiles
  • rich in dietary fibres and low in proteins
  • dietary fibres and natural plant substances activate digestion and stimulate the immune system
  • calcium-phosphorus ratio (2:1)


dactylis, meadow foxtail, meadow fescue, dandelion, oats, velvet grass, lady's mantle, buckhorn plantain, bush vetch, Timothy-grass , crested dog's tail, ryegrass, smooth meadowgrass, alsike clover, yarrow, cow parsley, bedstraw | Store in a cool and dry place.

Analytical component
Fat content2.0%
Crude ash5.0%
Crude fibre30.0%