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Our History

Pets have been at the centre of our attention for more than 45 years. With our great interest, know-how and passion for pets we have grown continuously.

As European market leader for pet supplies, TRIXIE provides about 6,500 products for dogs, cats, birds, small animals and reptiles to nowadays more than 8,500 retailers. Our extensive product range is exported to 88 countries. The complete logistical support and handling are carried out from our headquarters in Tarp.

500 permanent employees and more than 100 temps work in our company. 50 sales representatives and two merchandisers look after our customers in Germany, Austria, in the UK, in France, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. TRIXIE looks after the young generation as well, and young people can train in eight different professions here.

Many of our product lines are developed, inspected and tested in house by specialists. It goes without saying that our products have the highest quality, and we consider any complaints carefully as well. While our state-of-the-art logistics services ensure fast delivery capacity, our highly motivated employees stand for customer-oriented service.

We hope you and your pet enjoy our TRIXIE products.










Company History



Bonnik Hansen founds the company TRIXIE in Flensburg.


The company relocates to Jarplund-Weding and administration is set up.


The company moves into new premises in Jarplund-Weding with more than 1000 m² warehouse space and 80 m² office space.
Number of employees: 15


1 January: Founding of TRIXIE Heimtierbedarf GmbH & Co. KG with managing directors Bonnik Hansen, Volker Haak and Dirk Jessen

Until 2002

Expansion of warehouse space to approx. 8000 m², expansion of office space to approx. 700 m²
Number of employees: 135


Relocation to business park in Tarp:
Total site area approx. 40,000 m², 2000 m² of which are used as office space and 13,000 m² as warehouse space


Expansion of site area by 10,000 m² to approx. 50,000 m², expansion of warehouse space by 9000 m² to 22,000 m² in total
Number of employees: 185


Expansion of warehouse space to approx. 28,000 m²


Expansion of site area to approx. 60,000 m²
Expansion of warehouse space to 34,000 in total and space for 51,000 pallets
Number of employees: 263


June: Launch of direct sales in France.
October: Expansion of the product line into the areas of reptile terrariums


Number of employees: over 300


Construction of new warehouse: expansion by 9,000 m² and space for approx. 17,800 pallets on a total area of 43,000 m² and space for about 60,000 pallets.
December: Establishing a direct distributor in Great Britain


Introcuction of a new Logistics concept with an investment sum of over 4 million Euros.


August: Bonnik Hansen changes from active management to a newly set up advisory council with Bonnik Hansen as chairman and Gert Bendixen as external council member. Volker Haak and Dirk Jessen continue as joint managing directors.


Project planning to extend the warehouse space with a fully automated high-bay storage system for about 35,000 pallets and to add office space for approx. 30 new work places.   
Number of employees: over 350    


April: Start of building work for new office building with an area of 600 m².
Expansion of total site area to about 89,000 m².  
September: Setup of direct sales in the Netherlands.
Number of employees: more than 380


January: Sales team moves into new office annex.
Setup of direct sales in Belgium.
Spring: Expansion of storage space to around 52,000 m².  Construction begins for the new Hall 12 with an area of 8,276 m² and a fully automated high-bay warehouse with approx. 39,000 pallet spaces.
Number of employees: more than 400


June: Completion and launch of the new, fully-automated high-rack warehouse.      
Number of employees: more than 450     


January: Expanding our office space and enlarging the showroom to 310 m².
Overall storage capacity approx. 98,800 pallet spaces and further 25,000 storage spaces.